My Planet, My City and Me – Montreal – Canada

Ahuntsic Park 2017005

The Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation accomplish the event My Planet, My City and Me took place in the Ahuntsic Park, located on Lajeunesse Street in Montreal, Canada, On Saturday May 20th 2017. The activity was to do a general clean-up of the park, separating the waste, recyclables, leaves and branches.

Where we called the volunteers registered with the Foundation. The registration was done through the website and we contacted the person in charge of the Eco-neighborhood Ahuntsic in order to obtain the necessary tools, such as rakes and brooms, for the activity. As well, the City sent us t-shirts, gloves, garbage bags and the instructions on how to divide the materials: recyclable, garbage, and dangerous materials.

We had colored banners to divide the park in 4 quadrants, each assigned with one color. Each zone had a coordinator that was in charge of the volunteers and of the tools given. At the end of the activity, we all gathered in the center of the park and left all the collected material to be picked up by the City.

At the same time, an activity was done with the kids with the assistance of one volunteer and two teenagers. They were made aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Others games were also organized for them.

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