Last Activities Ottawa


24 Nov: “One Day for Kids” in Ottawa – Canada

More than 50 children from the city of Ottawa, Canada, enjoyed the event “A Day for the Child” organized by the María Luisa de Moreno International Foundation. The objective was to teach values such as respect, love towards others, towards themselves and the importance of care of the animals. The children were benefited from Gifts, snacks, games, contests, crafts and Hormys’ Show.

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23 Sep: In Ottawa – Canada, Billing’s Park was Cleaned

The Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation participated in the Cleaning Capital Campaign. It took place in Billings Park, located on Billing Avenue in Ottawa, Canada, on Saturday September 23rd 2017. For almost two hours we held a day to clean and maintain Billings Park, and this was achieved with the help of 15 of our volunteers.