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One Day for Kids in the city of Toronto, Canada

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The Foundation held One Day for Kids in the city of Toronto – Canada. Families and children enjoyed a day full of teachings, contests and games.

One hundred ten children attended the event. It took place at Great College School, which allowed children of ages 0-12 years old to have a day full of entertainment. The Foundation gave out gifts and raffiled bicycles to the children that attended and to others in need that were not able to attend.
This was a day full of fun with many stations with interactive games, including face painting. Dr. Maria Luisa Piraquive has focused the importance of teaching values to children, allowing them to become better citizens in our society. Having this in mind, a play presentation called “The Greatest Treasure” had many important lessons that taught the children the importance of honesty, respect, loyalty, justice and love; also, what it means to have a giving heart. Finally towards the end, the momentous closing with the Hormy’s Show. This dance is very fun, but edifying because it teaches the children to be inclusive with everyone and having this in mind, Hormy focused the inclusivity with impaired children. The Foundation were able to provide a delicious lunch designed for children and their families. There were also many healthy snacks and treats for all the children, which were also given in the gift baggies.
There where many sponsors, donors, and partnerships that made this wonderful event happen, such as; Maple Honda, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto, GANZ and more. Also, during the whole event the Metro Police Service were accompanying the Foundation and the families with their children. Another great acknowledgement is for the more than 45 volunteers that helped throughout the planning process and on the day of the event. It was truly a day full of fun not only for the children, but for everyone who was a part of this wonderful day.


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