Last Activities Toronto


25 Nov: Toronto – One Day for Kids

In Toronto, Canada, in collaboration with Second Harvest and through its program called “Feeding Our Future”, FIMLM extended its helping hand to 600 children during the summer months of 2022. For nine consecutive weeks, the children received kits with recreational materials and healthy snacks, such as vegetables, fruits and proteins, which would otherwise be unaffordable for these children living in low-income communities, during these out-of-school months.

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06 Nov: One Day for Kids in the city of Toronto, Canada

The Foundation held One Day for Kids in the city of Toronto – Canada. Families and children enjoyed a day full of teachings, contests and games.

One hundred ten children attended the event. It took place at Great College School, which allowed children of ages 0-12 years old to have a day full of entertainment. The Foundation gave out gifts and raffiled bicycles to the children that attended and to others in need that were not able to attend.

16 Oct: One Day for Kids in Toronto – Canada

Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation Canada celebrated its educational campaign “One Day for Kids” 2015 at Grandravine community centre in the city of Toronto.The event was attended by 48 people including 10 children who participated in recreational and leisure activities, promoting values in a warm space with laughter, games and gifts.





02 May: Educational seminar Toronto – Canada

On Saturday, May 2, 2015 we had an educational seminar about diabetes prevention.

Unison, which is an educational center for diabetes, presented a seminar in regards to diabetes prevention that promotes a healthier life style.

An informative session was presented in the following topics: diabetes, nutrition, healthy cooking and physical activity.