Programs and Services London


07 Abr: Productive Families

Multiply the means to achieve the diverse objectives in life. Strategy to train entrepreneurs by promoting values and the development of personal and professional competences; offering the tools needed to build objectives, and the tools to achieve a life purpose. Programs: Language Program :  English Pronunciation CourseThis program is designed to help immigrants overcome the language barrier that often times impedes them from getting jobs in their field of study. Through perfecting English pronunciation, they are able to communicate their thoughts more effectively and be understood, which in turn, increases their employability skills and quality of life. Senior’s Ride Program:  This is a program dedicated to helping some of the more marginalized and often forgotten members of our population “our seniors”. For a small fee…


07 Abr: Help Us – Help Others

Activates the solidary conscience ! Strategy that promotes the values to help, activating the social conscience, mobilizing and articulating efforts with governmental entities, enterprise sector and civil society to contribute to the well-being of the most disadvantaged communities and with limited economic resources, providing assistance of form pertinent and effective. Programs: Healthy Cooking Program This program is done in partnership with Growing Chefs! Ontario and is dedicated to helping educate low-income families about the importance of wholesome, healthy food and teach them how to cook easy meals from scratch using products that are easily accessible to them. Children and parents alike are guided by a chef and various volunteers through many recipes which the families then enjoy and take home. The result is that children’s…


15 Mar: Educational Campaigns

Shape and prepare upstanding citizens We provide the opportunities, the means, and the infrastructure to educate with dignity; based on the model of values as an all-around contribution for the development of the provinces and its citizens. Programs: One Day for Kids (yearly summer event): This event is focused on teaching children, mostly from low-income families, the importance of values such as caring, respecting, and sharing through elements of play such as vivid recreational games, engaging dental hygiene demonstration, prizes, game and numerous other activities. In our most recent event held on August 20, 2016 over 350 children benefited from this event and 308 children from ages 3 to 12 received a tote bags filled with school supplies, a backpack and a dental hygiene kit. Serving…