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More than 1,000 families from the Latin American community are ensured access to healthy food through various support activities in Toronto-Canada

jornadas de apoyo Toronto

During the month of December, more than 1,000 households benefited through our weekly basis support program of nutritious food thanks to the hard work that the Foundation carried out in the city.

With the sponsorship of the federal government of Canada and in collaboration with Second Harvest, the largest food rescue organization in Canada, 4,000 pounds of vegetables, fruits and proteins were acquired and distributed. The beneficiaries were mainly Hispanic American families and individuals, some are long standing residents in Canada, while many have recently arrived in the country, but all in need of this great help.

Thanks to the great work of more than 100 volunteers during the sorting, packaging and delivery of these aids, the beneficiary families shared their experience with many others, which allowed the Foundation to extend its helping hand to even more people from the Latin American community who arrived to the help center in order to enjoy these healthy food baskets.

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