Programs and Services


07 Abr: Productive Families

Multiply the means to achieve the diverse objectives in life. Strategy to train entrepreneurs by promoting values and the development of personal and professional competences; offering the tools needed to build objectives, and the tools to achieve a life purpose. Programs: Language Program :  English Pronunciation CourseThis program is designed to help immigrants overcome the language barrier that often times impedes them from getting jobs in their field of study. Through perfecting English pronunciation, they are able to communicate their thoughts more effectively and be understood, which in turn, increases their employability skills and quality of life. Senior’s Ride Program:  This is a program dedicated to helping some of the more marginalized and often forgotten members of our population “our seniors”. For a small fee…


07 Abr: Language Program

Communication is a vital skill that María Luisa de Moreno International Foundation – Canada helps immigrants develop to facilitate their integration into Canadian society. Our program provided in French and English, our two official languages, help improve basic language skills, and also provides access to local community resources. Spanish courses, and English pronunciation courses are also offered. This program is available in Ottawa, London, Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal.


07 Abr: Help Us – Help Others

Activates the solidary conscience !

Strategy that promotes the values to help, activating the social conscience, mobilizing and articulating efforts with governmental entities, enterprise sector and civil society to contribute to the well-being of the most disadvantaged communities and with limited economic resources, providing assistance of form pertinent and effective.